it’s kowtow’s singing xmas card 2016! ~ Xmas Kreep ’16

This year’s card is a little bit of a twist (for these twisted times). It’s a new recording of Xmas Kreep (from the 2009 singing xmas card) with video of Kowtow laying down guitar and vocals.

May your holidays be happy, and your new year a little less kreepy.

The bones in the closet are restless
to down our egg nog before xmas.
The ghosts in the gears now get anxious
to gargle our spirits and thank us.

Now Stingy Jack acts the part of Jack Frost
before the sham scarecrow scarcely leaves the lawn;
untimely tinsel perks up the office neck tie party.
Black Friday will soon loom with the frosty moon,
and Rudolph will land on your roof by noon,
and weak wassail will lead the way down some blind alley
where somebody’s bound to light you up for cheap.
You never know who’s your secret santa
or who’s your xmas kreep.


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