Kowtow’s next album, Action Figure, is expected in 2019. Look for the single “Funksucker”/”Summer Agents” this year.

His most recent record is the Christmas album, 13 Daze of Xmas, a rock ‘n’ roll sleigh ride filled with nostalgia, dipsomania, reindeer trading, and other merry-making monkey business, compiled from his annual singing xmas card and released as a download on December 12, 2017.

Kowtow’s last studio album is the arcane yet poppy Tastes Like Armageddon, a “modern rock” recording in the literal sense. Kowtow led up to the release of TLA (on 12/12/12) with a year-long T-Shirt Countdown on Bandcamp and Facebook, marking each day with a photo of a t-shirt from his vast collection. The album’s lead-off track,”Ataraxis (I Brake for Squirrels),” sparked Kowtow’s first foray into music video.

Kowtow’s previous releases include the all-instrumental Exalted Headband (2009) and its vocal companion, End of Greatness (2006); his collaboration with Hitchcock Blonde on their 2006 release, Soul Button; the rolling pop of Eat My Dust (1999); the amusement park folk rock of Coaster (1996); Songs from the Pointless Forest (1993), Kowtow’s take on Nilsson’s hallucinogenic children’s story; his sophomore effort, Splinters & Threads (1989), now available for download at iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby); and his 1987 debut, Stringing Along the Dreamline, a reporter’s musical dispatches from the subconscious. Read all about it on the Splinter page. Thread the needle to buy Kowtow.


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