Kowtow’s new digital 4-song instrumental EP, Summer Agents, is out now on Bandcamp. The EP features the title track and its remix by All India Radio’s Martin Kennedy. The EP also includes the songs “Tiny Manster” and “Deviled Eggs”.

Kowtow’s next record, Action Figure, is expected in 2019.

His most recent long-playing collection is the Christmas album, 13 Daze of Xmas, a rock ‘n’ roll sleigh ride filled with nostalgia, dipsomania, reindeer trading, and other merry-making monkey business, compiled from his annual singing xmas card and released as a download on December 12, 2017.

Kowtow’s last proper studio album is the arcane yet poppy Tastes Like Armageddon, a “modern rock” recording in the literal sense. Kowtow led up to the release of TLA (on 12/12/12) with a year-long T-Shirt Countdown on Bandcamp and Facebook, marking each day with a photo of a t-shirt from his vast collection. The album’s lead-off track,”Ataraxis (I Brake for Squirrels),” sparked Kowtow’s first foray into music video.

Kowtow’s previous releases include the all-instrumental Exalted Headband (2009) and its vocal companion, End of Greatness (2006); his collaboration with Hitchcock Blonde on their 2006 release, Soul Button; the rolling pop of Eat My Dust (1999); the amusement park folk rock of Coaster (1996); Songs from the Pointless Forest (1993), Kowtow’s take on Nilsson’s hallucinogenic children’s story; his sophomore effort, Splinters & Threads (1989), now available for download at iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby); and his 1987 debut, Stringing Along the Dreamline, a reporter’s musical dispatches from the subconscious. Read all about it on the Splinter page. Thread the needle to buy Kowtow.


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